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NAEP Analysis and Scaling → Estimation of Population and Student Group Distributions → Variables That Define Groups in NAEP → Summary Table of the Estimation Variables, Mathematics Long-Term Trend Assessment, by Item and Age: 2004
Summary table of the estimation variables, mathematics long-term trend assessment, by item and age: 2004
NAEP ID ID TCS ID Description Age 9 Age 13 Age 17
— Not available. The variable was not used at the indicated grade.
† Not applicable.
NOTE: "X" indicates that the group-defining variable was available and used in the population-structure model at the indicated grade. "NAEP ID" is a unique, eight-character identification number assigned to identify each group-defining variable corresponding to a particular background or subject area question within the entire pool of such variables. The first four characters identify the origin of the variable: BACK (student background information from administration and sampling sources), STUD (student questionnaire). The second four digits represent the sequential position within each origin group. "ID" is a NAEP database identification number assigned to the group-defining variables commonly used in NAEP. "TCS ID" is the NAEP test creation system (TCS) identification that is used in the questionnaires to label each background question. Variables that come from sources other than background questionnaires have no such identification. All combinations of the group-defining variables listed in this table were used to create interactions.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2004 Mathematics Long-Term Trend Assessment.
BACK001 ABSSERT Certainty school (100% probability of selection) X X X
BACK002 ACCOM2 Accommodated (1=accommodated, 2=not accommodated X X X
BACK003 ACCOMTY Type of accommodation X X X
BACK004 ARPTSMP Accommodated reporting sample X X X
BACK005 BMONTH Birth month X X X
BACK006 CENSDIV Census division X X X
BACK007 CENSREG Census region of the country X X X
BACK008 COHORT Total student population X X X
BACK009 DRACEM Race/ethnicity reported by student X X X
BACK010 DSEX Gender X X X
BACK011 FIPS02 State Census code 2002 version X X X
BACK012 HISPYES Responded yes to at least one Hispanic category X X X
BACK013 IEP Does student have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) X X X
BACK015 JKNU Number of variance units in stratum X X X
BACK016 JKUNIT Jackknife variance unit X X X
BACK017 LEP English Language Learner (ELL) X X X
BACK019 MOB Month of birth X X X
BACK020 MODAGE Modal age (ets) X X X
BACK021 NEWENRL New enrollment X X X
BACK022 ORIGSUB Original or substitute school X X X
BACK023 PARED Parents' education (derived from 2 background questions) X X X
BACK024 PRTYLOC Type of location from preliminary weight file X X X
BACK025 PUBPRIV School type (public / private) X X X
BACK026 RACE Observed student race/ethnicity (by assessment administrator) X X X
BACK028 REGIONS NAEP region (state based) X X X
BACK029 REPGRP1 Jackknife variance stratum X X X
BACK030 REPGRP2 Jackknife variance stratum (for triples) X X X
BACK031 RPTSAMP Reporting sample X X X
BACK032 SCHTY04 School type (2004) X X
BACK033 SCHTYFL School type imputed flag X X X
BACK034 SCHTYPE School type X X X
BACK035 SDRACEM Race/ethnicity reported by school X X X
BACK036 SEX Gender of student  X X X
BACK037 SLUNCH National School Lunch Program (NSLP) eligibility X X X
BACK038 SLUNCH1 NSLP eligibility(reduced to 3 categories from 6) X X X
BACK039 SRACE Race/ethnicity reported by school X X X
BACK040 TITLE1 Students receiving Title I (2003 and forward) X X X
BACK041 TOL3 Type of location (3 categories) X X X
BACK042 TOL5 Type of location (5 categories) X X X
BACK043 TOL7 Type of location (7 categories) X X X
BACK044 TOL9 Type of location (9 categories) X X X
STUD001 B000905 VB331334 Does your family get magazines regularly X X X
STUD002 B001151 TB001101 How many pages read in school and for homework X X X
STUD003 B003501 VB330870 Mother's education level X X X
STUD004 B003601 VB330871 Father's education level X X X
STUD005 B005501 TB005501 What will take largest amount of time after high school X
STUD006 B008501 HE002549 Which best describes your high school program X
STUD007 B013801 VB331335 Books in home X X X
STUD008 B017001 VB331333 Newspaper at home X X X
STUD009 B017101 VB331336 Computer at home X X X
STUD010 B017201 VB331337 Encyclopedia at home X X X
STUD011 B017451 VB331339 Talk about studies at home X X X
STUD012 B018101 VB331447 Days absent from school last month X X X
STUD013 B018201 VB331451 Language other than English spoken in home X X X
STUD014 BA21101 VB331330 Are you Hispanic or Latino - no X X X
STUD015 BA21201 VB331331 Which of following best describes you - White X X X
STUD016 BB21101 VB331330 Are you Hispanic or Latino - yes-Mex/Mexam/Chicano X X X
STUD017 BB21201 VB331331 Which of following best describes you - Black/AfAm X X X
STUD018 BC21101 VB331330 Are you Hispanic or Latino - yes-P.Rican/PR Amer X X X
STUD019 BC21201 VB331331 Which of following best describes you - Asian X X X
STUD020 BD21101 VB331330 Are you Hispanic or Latino - yes-Cuban/CubanAmer X X X
STUD021 BD21201 VB331331 Which of following best describes you - Amer Ind/Alaska Native X X X
STUD022 BE21101 VB331330 Are you Hispanic or Latino - yes-other X X X
STUD023 BE21201 VB331331 Which of following best describes you - Hawaiian/Pac Islander X X X

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