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NAEP Analysis and Scaling → Estimation of Population and Student Group Distributions → Variables That Define Groups in NAEP → Summary Table of the Estimation Variables, Reading National Main Assessment, by Grade: 2000
Summary table of the estimation variables, by grade, reading national main assessment: 2000
Estimation ID Database ID Teacher
questionnaire ID
Description Grade
4 8 12
BACK0001 BKSER Grand mean X
BACK0002 DSEX Derived gender X
BACK0003 DRACE Derived race/ethnicity X
BACK0004 B003101 B003101 If Hispanic, what is your Hispanic background? X
BACK0005 TOL7 TOL 7 - type of location X
BACK0006 TOL5 Type of locale (5 categories) X
BACK0007 PARED2 Parents' highest level of education, grade 4 X
BACK0008 REGION Region of the country X
BACK0009 SCHTYPE School type X
BACK0010 MODAGE Model age X
BACK0011 RACE Race X
BACK0012 IEP Individualized Education Plan X
BACK0013 LEP Limited English proficiency X
BACK0014 TITLE1 Title 1 (book cover) X
BACK0015 SLUNCH Do you receive a free or reduced-price lunch? X
BACK0016 B001801 B001801 How much television do you usually watch each day? (linear) X
BACK0017 B001801 B001801 How much television do you usually watch each day? (quadratic) X
BACK0018 B006601 B006601 Homework assigned?: based on time spent on homework each day. X
BACK0019 B006601 B006601 How much time do you usually spend on homework each day? (linear) X
BACK0020 B006601 B006601 How much time do you usually spend on homework each day (quadratic) X
BACK0021 HOMEEN2 Number of items in home (newspaper, >25 books, encyclopedia, mag) X
BACK0022 B001101 B001101 About how many pages a day do you read for school & homework? X
BACK0023 B001101 B001101 About how many pages a day do you read for school & homework? X
BACK0024 ACCOM2 Students accommodation status X
BACK0025 ACCOMTY Type of accommodation X
BACK0026 SCHTY00 Extended school type X
BACK0027 N/A Interaction: gender by race/ethnicity X
BACK0028 N/A Interaction: gender by type of locale (7 categories) X
BACK0029 N/A Interaction: gender by parents' education grade 4 X
BACK0030 N/A Interaction: gender by school type X
BACK0031 N/A Interaction: race/ethnicity by type of locale (7 categories) X
BACK0032 N/A Interaction: race/ethnicity by parents' education grade 4 X
BACK0033 N/A Interaction: race/ethnicity by school type X
BACK0034 N/A Interaction: parent's education grade 4 by type of locale (7 category) X
BACK0035 N/A Interaction: type of locale (7 categories) by school type X
BACK0036 N/A Interaction: parents' education grade 4 by school type X
BACK0037 N/A Interaction: accommodated by gender X
BACK0038 N/A Interaction: accommodated by race/ethnicity X
BACK0039 N/A Interaction: accommodated by type of locale (7 categories) X
BACK0040 N/A Interaction: accommodated by parents' grade 4 X
BACK0041 N/A Interaction: accommodated by school type X
BACK0042 N/A Interaction: accommodated by iep X
BACK0043 N/A Interaction: accommodated by lep X
BACK0044 SUBSAMP Sample type X
BACK0045 N/A Interaction: sample by race/ethnicity X
BACK0046 RPTSAMP Reporting sample X
BACK0047 ARPTSMP Accommodated reporting sample X
BACK0048 B003001 B003001 Which race/ethnicity best describes you X
BACK0049 B014601 C000006 How long lived in united states X
BACK0050 B003201 B003201 How often other than English spoken in home X
BACK0051 B013201 D100314 Mother graduated high school X
BACK0052 B013301 D100315 Mother had some education after high school X
BACK0053 B013401 D100316 Mother graduated college X
BACK0054 B013501 D100317 Father graduated high school X
BACK0055 B013601 D100318 Father had some education after high school X
BACK0056 B013701 D100319 Father graduated college X
BACK0057 B000901 B000901 Does your family get a newspaper regularly X
BACK0058 B000903 B000903 Is there an encyclopedia in your home X
BACK0059 B000904 B000904 Are there more than 25 books in your home X
BACK0060 B000905 B000905 Does your family get magazines regularly X
BACK0061 S004001 S004001 How many days of school missed last month X
BACK0062 B007301 E000712 Times changed schools in past two years X
BACK0063 B007401 E000717 How often discuss studies at home X
BACK0064 B014501 E000713 How often use computer for schoolwork X
BACK0065 X012101 K070485 Student's primary disability X
BACK0066 X012201 K070498 Degree of student's disability X
BACK0067 X012301 K070501 Iep team determines participation in assessment X
BACK0068 X012401 K070511 English grade level student receiving reading X
BACK0069 X012501 K070506 Curriculum same as nondisabled reading/lang arts X
BACK0070 X012601 K070512 English grade level student receiving mathematics X
BACK0071 X012701 K070507 Curriculum same as nondisabled in mathematics X
BACK0072 X012801 K070513 English grade level student receiving science X
BACK0073 X012901 K070508 Curriculum same as nondisabled in science X
BACK0074 X013001 K070514 Adaptation used for achievement testing X
BACK0075 X013101 K070516 Presentation accomm - read directions aloud X
BACK0076 X013102 K070516 Presentation accomm - read problems aloud X
BACK0077 X013103 K070516 Presentation accomm - signing of directions X
BACK0078 X013104 K070516 Presentation accomm - use audiotape version of tes X
BACK0079 X013105 K070516 Presentation accomm - interpretation of directions X
BACK0080 X013106 K070516 Presentation accomm - braille edition of test X
BACK0081 X013107 K070516 Presentation accomm - large-print edition of test X
BACK0082 X013108 K070516 Presentation accomm - use of magnifying equipment X
BACK0083 X013109 K070516 Presentation accomm - other (specify) X
BACK0084 X013201 K070517 Response accomm - response in braille X
BACK0085 X013202 K070517 Response accomm - response in sign language X
BACK0086 X013203 K070517 Response accomm - oral responses X
BACK0087 X013204 K070517 Response accomm - pointing to answers X
BACK0088 X013205 K070517 Response accomm - tape recording of answers X
BACK0089 X013206 K070517 Response accomm - use of computer to respond X
BACK0090 X013207 K070517 Response accomm - use of typewriter to respond X
BACK0091 X013208 K070517 Response accomm - use of calculator X
BACK0092 X013209 K070517 Response accomm - use of template to respond X
BACK0093 X013210 K070517 Response accomm - use lg marking pen/writing tool X
BACK0094 X013211 K070517 Response accomm - other (specify) X
BACK0095 X013301 K070518 Setting accomm - test in small group X
BACK0096 X013302 K070518 Setting accomm - test individually X
BACK0097 X013303 K070518 Setting accomm - other (specify) X
BACK0098 X013401 K070519 Timing accomm - extended time X
BACK0099 X013402 K070519 Timing accomm - more breaks during test X
BACK0100 X013403 K070519 Timing accomm - test sessions over several days X
BACK0101 X013404 K070519 Timing accomm - other(specify) X
BACK0102 X013501 K070524 How participate in naep reading language arts X
BACK0103 X013601 K070525 How participate in naep mathematics X
BACK0104 X013701 K070526 How participate in naep science X
BACK0105 X013801 K070528 Student's first or native language X
BACK0106 X013901 K070533 Years receiving academic instruction in reading X
BACK0107 X014001 K070534 Years receiving academic instruction mathematics X
BACK0108 X014101 K070535 Years receiving academic instruction in science X
BACK0109 X014201 K070541 This year percent academic instruction native lang X
BACK0110 X014301 K070542 Grade level receiving English reading/lang arts X
BACK0111 X014401 K070543 Grade level receiving instruction mathematics X
BACK0112 X014501 K070544 Grade level receiving instruction science X
BACK0113 X014601 K070553 Accommodations used for achievement testing/LEP X
BACK0114 X014701 K070554 Presentation accomm - native language test version X
BACK0115 X014702 K070554 Presentation accomm - bilingual test version X
BACK0116 X014703 K070554 Presentation accomm - word lists or glossaries X
BACK0117 X014704 K070554 Presentation accomm - bilingual dictionary X
BACK0118 X014705 K070554 Presentation accomm - help from native speaker X
BACK0119 X014706 K070554 Presentation accomm - directions read aloud in eng X
BACK0120 X014707 K070554 Presentation accomm - questions read aloud in eng X
BACK0121 X014708 K070554 Presentation accomm - extended time X
BACK0122 X014709 K070554 Presentation accomm - other (specify) X
BACK0123 X014801 K070559 How particpate in naep reading language arts/LEP X
BACK0124 X014901 K070560 How participate in naep mathematics/LEP X
BACK0125 X015001 K070561 How participate in naep science/LEP X
SCHL0001 C045901 K070438 Type of school - regular elementary X
SCHL0002 C045902 K070438 Type of school - regular w/magnet X
SCHL0003 C045903 K070438 Type of school - special magnet X
SCHL0004 C045904 K070438 Type of school - special education X
SCHL0005 C045905 K070438 Type of school - alternative X
SCHL0006 C045906 K070438 Type of school - private X
SCHL0007 C045907 K070438 Type of school - private religious X
SCHL0008 C045908 K070438 Type of school - charter X
SCHL0009 C045909 K070438 Type of school - privately run public X
SCHL0010 C045910 K070438 Type of school - other X
SCHL0011 C030901 E000839 Best describes how 4th grades are organized X
SCHL0012 C037101 E000840 4th graders assigned by ability/achievement level X
SCHL0013 C044701 K070445 How much time spent on math each week grade 4 X
SCHL0014 C044702 K070446 How much time spent on science each week grade 4 X
SCHL0015 C045101 K070676 How much time spent on reading each week grade 4 X
SCHL0016 C035701 E000843 Computers available all the time in classroom X
SCHL0017 C042802 E000864 Are computers available in computer lab X
SCHL0018 C042803 E000866 Are computers available to classroom when needed X
SCHL0019 C045301 K070734 Fourth-graders participate extracurricular math X
SCHL0020 C045302 K070735 Fourth-graders participate extracurricular science X
SCHL0021 C045303 K070736 Fourth-graders participate extracurricular reading X
SCHL0022 C032207 E000875 Involve parents as aides in classroom X
SCHL0023 C032209 C000482 Have parents review/sign homework X
SCHL0024 C032210 C000484 Assign homework students do with parents X
SCHL0025 C032211 C000486 Have a parent volunteer program X
SCHL0026 C045401 K070737 Parents participate in classroom workshops X
SCHL0027 C045402 K070738 Parents participate as guest teachers X
SCHL0028 C037701 E002142 Percent of parents in parent-teacher organization X
SCHL0029 C037702 E002108 Percent of parents in open house/back to school night X
SCHL0030 C037703 E002109 Percent of parents in parent-teacher conferences X
SCHL0031 C037704 E002110 Percent of parents involved in curriculum decisions X
SCHL0032 C037705 E002111 Percent of parents in volunteer programs X
SCHL0033 C032402 E000888 Is student absenteeism a problem in your school X
SCHL0034 C032401 E000887 Is student tardiness a problem in your school X
SCHL0035 C032404 E000890 Are physical conflicts a problem in your school X
SCHL0036 C032406 E000892 Is teacher absenteeism a problem in your school X
SCHL0037 C032407 E000893 Are racial/cult. conflicts a problem in school X
SCHL0038 C032408 E000894 Is student health a problem in your school X
SCHL0039 C032409 E002121 Is lack of parent invlvmnt a problem in school X
SCHL0040 C032410 E002122 Is student alcohol use a problem in your school X
SCHL0041 C032411 E002123 Is student tobacco use a problem in your school X
SCHL0042 C032412 E002124 Is student drug use a problem in your school X
SCHL0043 C032413 E002125 Are gang activities a problem in your school X
SCHL0044 C032414 E002126 Is student misbehavior a problem in your school X
SCHL0045 C032415 E002127 Is student cheating a problem in your school X
SCHL0046 C043103 D100078 Are physical conflicts between students/teachers X
SCHL0047 C043104 D100080 Is vandalism a problem in your school X
SCHL0048 C032502 E000897 Teacher morale X
SCHL0049 C032503 E000898 Student attitudes toward academic achievement X
SCHL0050 C032505 E000900 Parent support for student achievement X
SCHL0051 C043201 D100081 Teachers' expectations for student achievement X
SCHL0052 C032506 E000901 Regard for school property X
SCHL0053 C033601 E000917 Percent of students absent on average day X
SCHL0054 C036501 C000488 Percent of teachers absent on average day X
SCHL0055 C037801 E000918 Percent of students still enrolled at end of year X
SCHL0056 C043601 E002112 Percent students held back and repeating grade X
SCHL0057 C038001 E000920 Percent of full time teachers left before end of year X
SCHL0058 C038201 E002093 What is current enrollment in 4th grade? X
SCHL0059 C038301 E002094 Is school in national school lunch program X
SCHL0060 C043801 D100392 Percent eligible national school lunch program X
SCHL0061 C043901 D100393 Does school receive chapter 1/Title I funding X
SCHL0062 C044001 D100395 Percent students receive chapter1/Title I funding X
SCHL0063 C044002 D100396 Percent students receive remedial reading instruct X
SCHL0064 C044003 D100397 Percent students receive remedial writing instruct X
SCHL0065 C044004 D100398 Percent students in gifted and talented program X
SCHL0066 C044005 E002341 Percent students in bilingual ed X
SCHL0067 C044006 E002342 Percent students in eng as second lang X
SCHL0068 C044007 E002343 Percent students in special ed X
SUBJ0001 R830301 D100376 How hard tried on this reading test than on others X
SUBJ0002 R830401 D100377 How important to do well on this reading test X
SUBJ0003 RM00501 E000781 How often had to write long answers to questions X
SUBJ0004 R830501 D100342 My friends make fun of people who try to do well X
SUBJ0005 R830502 D100343 I have friends to talk to if need help w/school X
SUBJ0006 R810801 E000687 Books read outside school in past month X
SUBJ0007 R810201 R810201 What kind of reader are you X
SUBJ0008 R810901 R810001 How often read for fun on own X
SUBJ0009 R810902 R810002 How often talk w/friends about what you read X
SUBJ0010 R810903 R810003 How often take books from library on your own X
SUBJ0011 R810904 E000684 How often read a story or novel X
SUBJ0012 R810905 E000685 How often read a newspaper X
SUBJ0013 R810906 E000686 How often read a magazine X
SUBJ0014 R811005 R810105 Asked to do group project about what you read X
SUBJ0015 R811006 R810402 Asked to read aloud X
SUBJ0016 R811007 R810412 Asked to read silently X
SUBJ0017 R811009 R810413 Given time to read books you have chosen X
SUBJ0018 R811002 R810102 Asked to talk w/students about what you read X
SUBJ0019 R811004 R810104 Asked to write about what you read X
SUBJ0020 R818101 D100186 Teacher helps you break words into parts X
SUBJ0021 R818102 D100187 Teacher helps you understand new words X
SUBJ0022 R830001 D100188 Do you and teacher review progress in reading X
SUBJ0023 R830101 D100189 Is there a school/public library available X
SUBJ0024 R811301 E000695 Use library to do research for school assignment X
SUBJ0025 R811302 E000696 Use library to borrow books for school X
SUBJ0026 R811303 D100190 Use library to use a computer X
SUBJ0027 R811304 E000698 Use library as a quiet place to study X
TCHR0001 T067001 J000121 Do you teach reading X
TCHR0002 T067002 J000122 Do you teach writing X
TCHR0003 T067003 J000123 Do you teach language arts X
TCHR0004 T067101 J000126 Years total taught elementary level X
TCHR0005 T067201 J000128 Years total taught reading X
TCHR0006 T067202 J000129 Years total taught writing X
TCHR0007 T067203 J000130 Years total taught language arts X
TCHR0008 T067301 J000134 Main assignment field X
TCHR0009 T056201 E002551 Teaching certif in this state in main field X
TCHR0010 T056301 E001012 Highest academic degree you hold X
TCHR0011 T067501 J000138 Undergrad major/minor-elementary education X
TCHR0012 T067502 J000139 Undergrad major/minor-secondary education X
TCHR0013 T067503 J000140 Undergrad major/minor-special education X
TCHR0014 T067504 J000141 Undergrad major/minor-bilingual education/esl X
TCHR0015 T067505 J000142 Undergrad major/minor-administration & supervision X
TCHR0016 T067506 J000143 Undergrad major/minor-curriculum & supervision X
TCHR0017 T067507 J000144 Undergrad major/minor-counseling X
TCHR0018 T067508 J000145 Undergrad major/minor-English X
TCHR0019 T067509 J000146 Undergrad major/minor-reading and/or language arts X
TCHR0020 T067512 J000149 Undergrad major/minor-other X
TCHR0021 T067601 J000151 Grad major/minor-elementary education X
TCHR0022 T067602 J000152 Grad major/minor-secondary education X
TCHR0023 T067603 J000153 Grad major/minor-special education X
TCHR0024 T067604 J000154 Grad major/minor-bilingual education/esl X
TCHR0025 T067605 J000155 Grad major/minor-adminstration & supervision X
TCHR0026 T067606 J000156 Grad major/minor-curriculum and instruction X
TCHR0027 T067607 J000157 Grad major/minor-counseling X
TCHR0028 T067608 J000158 Grad major/minor-English X
TCHR0029 T067609 J000159 Grad major/minor-reading and/or language arts X
TCHR0030 T067612 J000162 Grad major/minor-other X
TCHR0031 T067701 D100358 Last 12 mos, prof dev-reading and writing X
TCHR0032 T067702 D100147 Last 12 mos, prof dev-social studies X
TCHR0033 T067801 J000169 Prepared in the use of telecommunications X
TCHR0034 T067802 D100360 Prepared in the use of computers X
TCHR0035 T067803 J000171 Prepared in cooperative group instruction X
TCHR0036 T067804 J000176 Prepared in teaching students-different cultures X
TCHR0037 T067805 J000177 Prepared in teaching students who are lep X
TCHR0038 T067806 J000178 Prepared in teaching students with disabilities X
TCHR0039 T067807 J000179 Prepared in classroom management and organization X
TCHR0040 T041201 E001022 Availability of resources X
TCHR0041 T067901 D100417 How well prepared to teach reading X
TCHR0042 T067902 D100418 How well prepared to teach writing X
TCHR0043 T068001 J000182 Prepared in lit-based reading instruction X
TCHR0044 T068002 J000183 Prepared in content area reading X
TCHR0045 T068003 J000184 Prepared in combining rdg and writing X
TCHR0046 T068004 J000185 Prepared in whole language approach to teach rdg X
TCHR0047 T068005 J000186 Prepared in phonics in teaching reading X
TCHR0048 T068006 J000187 Prepared in teaching multicultural literature X
TCHR0049 T068007 J000188 Prepared in computer software for teaching rdg X
TCHR0050 T068008 J000190 Prepared in writing across the curriculum X
TCHR0051 T068009 J000191 Prepared in using computer software to teach wrtg X
TCHR0052 T068010 J000192 Prepared in teaching spelling, grammar, mechanics X
TCHR0053 T068101 D100368 Average reading class size X
TCHR0054 T046101 E001284 Class assignment by ability X
TCHR0055 T046201 E001201 Ability level of students X
TCHR0056 T068201 J000196 How much class time per day-reading instruction X
TCHR0057 T068301 J000198 Basis for creating reading instructional groups X
TCHR0058 T068401 J000199 Class divided into how many instructional groups X
TCHR0059 T068801 J000202 How often use children's newspapers/magazines X
TCHR0060 T068802 J000203 How often use reading kits to teach reading X
TCHR0061 T068803 J000204 How often use computer software for reading instr X
TCHR0062 T068804 J000205 How often use books (novels, poetry, nonfiction) X
TCHR0063 T068805 J000206 How often use materials from other subjects X
TCHR0064 T068901 D100374 What type of materials form core reading program X
TCHR0065 T069001 J000207 Availability of computers for use in class X
TCHR0066 T069101 J000209 Proportion time spent on rdg for lit experience X
TCHR0067 T069102 J000210 Proportion time spent on rdg to gain information X
TCHR0068 T069103 J000211 Proportion time spent on rdg to perform a task X
TCHR0069 T069303 J000219 Do you integrate reading and writing instruction X
TCHR0070 T069304 J000220 Do you use writing about literature X
TCHR0071 T069404 J000226 How often parents sign/review students' homework X
TCHR0072 T069405 J000227 How often assign homework to do with parents X
TCHR0073 T069701 J000231 How often ask students to read aloud X
TCHR0074 T069702 J000233 How often ask students-discuss what was read X
TCHR0075 T069703 J000234 How often ask students- write about what was read X
TCHR0076 T069704 J000235 How often ask students-write in worksheet/book X
TCHR0077 T069705 J000232 How often ask students-read silently X
TCHR0078 T069706 J000236 How often give students time to read books chosen X
TCHR0079 T069707 J000237 How often ask students-group activity/project X
TCHR0080 T069708 D100371 How often ask students-discuss interpretations X
TCHR0081 T069709 J000238 How often ask students-explain/support what read X
TCHR0082 T069710 D100372 How often give reading quizzes or tests X
TCHR0083 T069711 J000239 How often watch movies, videos, filmstrips, TV, cd X
TCHR0084 T069712 J000229 How often help students understand new words X
TCHR0085 T069713 J000240 How often ask students-answer questions in writing X
TCHR0086 T069714 J000241 How often ask students-predict outcome of reading X
TCHR0087 T069715 J000242 How often ask students-make generalizations X
TCHR0088 T069716 J000243 How often ask students-describe style/structure X
TCHR0089 T070001 J000263 How often students use computer-spell, punc, gram X
TCHR0090 T070002 J000264 How often students use computers-write drafts X
TCHR0091 T070003 J000265 How often students use computers-read stories X
TCHR0092 T070101 D100373 How often reading assessed-multiple-choice tests X
TCHR0093 T070102 D100375 How often reading assessed-short-answer tests X
TCHR0094 T070103 J000269 How often read assessed-paragraph written response X
TCHR0095 T070104 J000270 How often students assessed-individual/group proj X
TCHR0096 T070105 J000272 How often students assessed-reading portfolios X
TCHR0097 T070106 J000271 How often students assessed-essays/papers assigned X
TCHR0098 T070107 J000273 How often students assessed-oral reading X
— Data not collected; the variable was not used at the indicated grade.
NOTE: "Estimation ID" is a unique eight-character identification number assigned to identify each group-defining variable corresponding to a particular background or subject area question within the entire pool of such variables. The first four characters identify the origin of the variable: BACK (student background questionnaire), SCHL (school questionnaire), SUBJ (subject area questionnaire), and TCHR (background part of teacher questionnaire). The second four digits represent the sequential position within each origin group. "Database ID" is a NAEP database identification number assigned to the group-defining variables commonly used in NAEP. "Teacher Questionnaire ID" labels each background question within the printed questionnaire. Variables that come from sources other than background questionnaires have no such identification. An "X" indicates that the group-defining variable was available and used in the population-structure model at the indicated grade.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2000 Reading Assessment.

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