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NAEP - Results of the Oral Reading Study

Quick Facts

Bullet 1,779 nationally representative fourth-graders participated.

Bullet Students who participated were a subsample of fourth-graders who took the main NAEP reading assessment.

Bullet Study measured students' oral reading accuracy, rate, and fluency.

Bullet Students read aloud a 198-word portion of a passage.
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2002 Oral Reading Study Results
Accuracy Results
Approximately three-quarters of fourth-graders read a 198-word excerpt of the passage "The Box in the Barn" with at least 95 percent accuracy.  More info
Student reading on a table

Student reading outloud Rate Results 
Approximately 65 percent of fourth-graders read the 198-word excerpt at a rate of at least 105 words per minute. More info

Fluency Results
More than half the students in the study were rated as "fluent."  More information
Students in the classroom

Students reading from a book Student Group Results 
Compared to 37 percent of female students reading with at least 98 percent accuracy, 32 percent of male students read with that level of accuracy. More information
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More Information

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