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Data Product of the Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) Study

Description of the 2018 NAEP ORF Public-Use Data Product

The 2018 NAEP grade 4 Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) public-use data file (NCES 2022-084) provides data on 1,800 public-school fourth-grade students who participated in the 2018 Oral Reading Fluency study. For each record, the data file contains all of the variables reported in the 2018 NAEP Oral Reading Fluency StudyClick to open pdf., such as (a) oral reading performance variables (e.g., passage reading accuracy, rate, and expression), (b) student contextual information (e.g., gender), (c) NAEP reading scores and achievement-level and below NAEP Basic subgroup variables, and (d) student sample weights and replicate weights.

The folder Y49ORFP contains the 2018 NAEP ORF study data product files, including the 2018 NAEP ORF data, codebook, control files for analysis in SAS and Stata, and example programs. Before using these data, the user should be aware of the assessment design and its implications for analysis, which are documented in the accompanying Data Companion.

The Data Companion also contains more information on the contents and use of the data files in this folder. The Data Companion is provided in the "Companion" directory in the folder and can be browsed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge on the Adobe website (

How to Access the 2018 NAEP ORF Public-Use Data and Accompanying Files

In order to access the files in the folder “Y49ORFP”:

  1. Download the file below called “”
  2. Unzip all files in “”
  3. Save the contents in a preferred location. The paths in the SAS and Stata control programs need to be revised to the specified location where the unzipped files are saved.
Data Product Files: Y49ORFPClick to download zip file.

Description of the 2018 NAEP ORF Restricted-Use Data Product

The 2018 NAEP ORF restricted-use data file includes additional variables that are not included in the 2018 ORF public-use data file, such as responses collected from the NAEP reading student survey questionnaire and passage reading variables for each of the four passages in addition to the average of them as in the public-use data file. See Appendix B of the 2018 NAEP ORF public-use data companion for the comparison of the variables included in the public-use and restricted-use data files. To explore the ORF restricted-use data file, interested researchers should apply for a restricted-use license and request access to the file through the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).​

Last updated 01 May 2023 (DS)