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Frequently Asked Questions about the Hispanic-White Achievement Gaps Report

Explore the frequently asked questions about the recent Hispanic-White Achievement Gap report, or download a PDFClick to open pdf. for viewing and printing.

General Questions

What type of information is included in the report?
How is this report unique?
How many states were included in the analysis?
Were any of the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) districts included in the analyses of this report?

Questions Related to Analysis and Results

When were the mathematics and reading tests at both grade levels first administered?
Is there anything that should be taken into consideration when interpreting the results?
How do states rank in terms of size of Hispanic-White achievement gap?

Questions Related to Demographic Data

What is the racial/ethnic composition of students assessed by NAEP at the national and state levels?
Were there any jurisdictions which have more Hispanic than White students?
What other demographic information is available for the states in this report?
Have Hispanic-White gaps been examined by other demographic variables?
Are the gap data available on the web?
How does the methodology of the report compare with previous reports?
Why are so many of the trend lines of different lengths?
What is the "big picture" for the Hispanic-White achievement gap?

Last updated 25 October 2021 (AA)