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Frequently Asked Questions About the Black-White Achievement Report

Explore the most frequently asked questions about the recent Black-White Achievement Gap report, or download a PDFClick to open pdf. for viewing and printing.


Why did the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conduct the Black-White achievement gaps study?
What is "Black student density," and why is that term used?
What analyses were conducted and why?

Black Student Density, by Race and Location

What data were used in these analyses?

The Relationship Between Black Student Density and Achievement

What data were used in these analyses?
Are students other than Black and White students included in the analyses that explore the relationship between Black student density and achievement?
What were the student, teacher, and school factors accounted for in these analyses?
How did the analyses account for these factors?

Exploring Between-School and Within-School Achievement Gaps

What data were used in these analyses?
What is the purpose of these analyses?
What are the "differences?"
How is Black student density relevant for these analyses of between-school and within-school achievement differences?
Do these analyses account for other factors, such as SES?
Are some of the observed "differences in achievement" due to differences in SES?
Why is there an "indeterminate" portion?

Last updated 19 October 2021 (AA)