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Charter School Results

As part of its regular assessments of the nation's schools, NAEP has reported results for charter schools since 2000. In 2003, extra fourth-grade charter schools were sampled for a special study.

A number of sources were used to construct the final sample of charter schools. Information from local school administrators, follow-up interviews, and field staff was used to update and verify data from the 2003 NAEP school questionnaire. Ultimately, 150 schools were identified as charter schools, including 12 additional schools not originally identified as charter schools on the NAEP website at the time of the 2003 NAEP data release. 

View the performance results in the NAEP Data Explorer based on the representative sample of 150 schools that were identified as charter schools for the pilot study. To view charter school data, select "Go to Quick Start" from the NDE start screen. Then, select grade 4, reading or mathematics subject area, and "National Public" as the jurisdiction on the Select Criteria screen. In the section called "Variables," select "School identified as charter" under "Major Reporting Groups."

View more performance results based on the representative sample of 150 schools from the 2003 pilot study: two tables providing cross-tabulations of student performance results in reading and mathematics by various demographic characteristics.

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Last updated 15 August 2006 (RF)