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Grades 4-8

Grades 8-12

Links for Grades 8-12

Whether you are interested in an after-school job, earning volunteer hours, or searching for a college or that perfect career, the links below will help you learn more about these possibilities and more.

Community/Government Service: Assisting your community is a great way to make a difference while you test out areas that interest you.

  • Learn more about public service and match your interests to groups in your area at United We Serve.

College: A two- or four-year college give you access to experts in many fields of knowledge and the time to explore any and all fields that interest you.

Military Service: Serve your country while gaining experience and educational opportunities, earning money for higher education, and receiving a regular salary.

  • Learn more about the military branches, different avenues to joining the service, and the various careers you can pursue at Today's Military.

Last updated 15 January 2013 (TO)