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NAEP Students - Information for Students: Grade 4-8


Grades 4-8

Grades 8-12

Test Yourself. A fun challenge for history stars, math geniuses, and quiz wizards alike. Pick your favorite subject and try to beat the scores of students from across the nation.

Read All About It. Check out this list of Summertime Favorite books. Which of your favorites made the list?

Dare to Compare. How do you compare with students nationally and from around the world? Pick a subject and select a grade, then try these questions and see how your skills stack up.

Create a Graph. Graphs and charts are a great way to get your point across quickly and visually.  Illustrate your points with the NCES graphing tool.

Read Between the Lines. See your favorite books in a new way in this online library of works from around the world. Feeling adventurous? Pick a book written in a foreign language and use the pictures to guide you through the story, or to help you create your own!

Last updated 21 January 2010 (EP)