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The Nation’s Report Card:
Grade 12 Reading and Mathematics State Snapshot Reports 2009

The 2009 results from the twelfth-grade state pilot program in reading and mathematics provide a first look at the performance of public school students in the 11 states that volunteered to participate and how their performance compares to the national average for public school students.

The following Snapshot reports provide a one-page printable PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) of the state results. These results include overall scale scores, scale scores for different percentiles, percentages at each achievement level, and performance by demographic groups.


Image of a U.S. map showing 11 states that participated in the 2009 Grade 12 NAEP assessment. 

Arkansas 79k
Connecticut 76k
Florida 76k
Idaho 77k
Illinois 77k
Iowa 76k
Massachusetts 76k
New Hampshire 76k
New Jersey 74k
South Dakota 76k
West Virginia 76k



Arkansas 79k
Connecticut 79k
Florida 79k
Idaho 79k
Illinois 78k
Iowa 79k
Massachusetts 79k
New Hampshire 79k
New Jersey 79k
South Dakota 79k
West Virginia 79k

Browse the 2009 reading results for the nation, states, and districts.

Browse the 2009 mathematics results for the nation, states, and districts.

Last updated 13 November 2010 (RH)