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NCES Publication Numbers for
The Nation's Report Card: State Writing 2002 Reports for Grade 8

June 2003

Author: National Center for Education Statistics

The NCES Publication Number for almost every The Nation's Report Card: State Writing 2002 report is

NCES 2003–532 XXX

where XXX is an abbreviation for the state or jurisdiction and the grade. The standard two-letter postal abbreviation, if one exists, is the abbreviation used, followed by a number indicating the grade level. The following table lists the NCES publication number for each of The Nation's Report Card: State Writing 2002 reports. The publication number is useful when ordering a printed copy of a NAEP report.

StatePublication Number
AlabamaNCES 2003-532 AL8
ArizonaNCES 2003-532 AZ8
ArkansasNCES 2003-532 AR8
CaliforniaNCES 2003-532 CA8
ConnecticutNCES 2003-532 CT8
DelawareNCES 2003-532 DE8
FloridaNCES 2003-532 FL8
GeorgiaNCES 2003-532 GA8
HawaiiNCES 2003-532 HI8
IdahoNCES 2003-532 ID8
IndianaNCES 2003-532 IN8
KansasNCES 2003-532 KS8
KentuckyNCES 2003-532 KY8
LouisianaNCES 2003-532 LA8
MaineNCES 2003-532 ME8
MarylandNCES 2003-532 MD8
MassachusettsNCES 2003-532 MA8
MichiganNCES 2003-532 MI8
MississippiNCES 2003-532 MS8
MissouriNCES 2003-532 MO8
MontanaNCES 2003-532 MT8
NebraskaNCES 2003-532 NE8
NevadaNCES 2003-532 NV8
New MexicoNCES 2003-532 NM8
New YorkNCES 2003-532 NY8
North CarolinaNCES 2003-532 NC8
North DakotaNCES 2003-532 ND8
OhioNCES 2003-532 OH8
OklahomaNCES 2003-532 OK8
OregonNCES 2003-532 OR8
PennsylvaniaNCES 2003-532 PA8
Rhode IslandNCES 2003-532 RI8
South CarolinaNCES 2003-532 SC8
TennesseeNCES 2003-532 TN8
TexasNCES 2003-532 TX8
UtahNCES 2003-532 UT8
VermontNCES 2003-532 VT8
VirginiaNCES 2003-532 VA8
WashingtonNCES 2003-532 WA8
West VirginiaNCES 2003-532 WV8
WyomingNCES 2003-532 WY8

JurisdictionPublication Number
American SamoaNCES 2003-532 AS8
District of ColumbiaNCES 2003-532 DC8
DDESS (domestic)NCES 2003-532 DDESS8
DoDDS (overseas)NCES 2003-532 DoDDS8
GuamNCES 2003-532 GU8
The Virgin IslandsNCES 2003-532 VI8

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Suggested Citation
U.S. Department of Education. Institute of Education Sciences. National Center for Education Statistics. The Nation's Report Card: State Writing 2002, Report for _________, NCES 2003–532 XXX, by National Center for Education Statistics. Washington, DC: 2003.

Last updated 8 July 2003 (RH)

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