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Development Strategies

Arts Tasks in This Report

Developing an Arts Assessment: Some Selected Strategies

How to Use This Web Report

This web report provides some tasks used in the 1997 NAEP arts assessment to exemplify the strategies described in the report. The following tasks are included:

  • Grade 4 Theatre: Responding (The Stolen Moon)
  • Grade 8 Theatre: Performing (Camping)
  • Grade 8 Music: Performing (Rock Improv)
  • Grade 12 Dance: Performing (Metamorphosis)
  • Grade 12 Dance: Responding (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Grade 12 Visual Arts: Responding and Creating (Interior Space)

The tasks were chosen on the basis of how well they demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategies. Depending on which strategy a task refers to, users can find some or all of the following for any given task:

  • administrative script
  • stimuli, such as paintings and dances
  • exercises
  • scoring guides
  • examples of student responses

The strategies and tasks can be accessed on the navigation bar to the left and are also presented in the body of the text. Strategies follow one another in their numerical order, and tasks can be accessed throughout the report. Links to the next strategy are available at the end of each strategy description.

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* Some of these tasks contain audio or QuickTime video. See the Help section for assistance.

Last updated 7 March 2003 (HM)