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Arts Tasks in This Report

Examples of Student Self-Evaluation Questions from the Grade 12 Music Assessment

For one of the grade 12 music creating/performing tasks, students were asked to compose a "B" section of music to comprise part of a composition in ABA form. (The "A" section music contained 2 phrases and was provided to students.) After writing and performing their "B" section, students were asked to listen to the resulting composition and to analyze and describe aspects of their work by answering the following two questions.

1. Describe two specific features of the music that you created for the "B" section that made it different from the music of the "A" section. Use musical vocabulary in your explanation.

2. Think about how your "B" section fits with the "A" sections to make a complete piece of music. Describe two specific features the "A" and "B" sections have in common that unify the piece as a whole. Use musical vocabulary in your description.

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Last updated 7 March 2003 (HM)