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NAEP - Sleeping Beauty Exercises One to Three

Development Strategies

Arts Tasks in This Report

First Three Exercises From the Sleeping Beauty Task

The sets of exercises in this block were designed to lead students progressively into deeper consideration of the dances. In the first set of exercises, multiple-choice questions were used to ask students questions about genre. Three of these questions are shown below. (The responses in bold indicate the correct answers.)

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What are the three kinds of dance that you just saw, in the order that you saw them?

A   Classical ballet, square dance, modern dance
B   Classical ballet, flamenco, ballroom
C   Flamenco, classical ballet, clogging
D   Square dance, classical ballet, social dance

Dance 1 developed from which one of the following dance forms?

A   Classical East Indian dance
B   Spanish gypsy dance
C   Italian and French court dance
D   East Asian folk dance

Which of the three kinds of dance has (have) traditionally been choreographed for performance in a theatre?

A   Dance 1 only
B   Dance 2 only
C   Dance 1 and Dance 2
D   Dance 2 and Dance 3

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Last updated 7 March 2003 (HM)