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Development Strategies

Arts Tasks in This Report

Exercise One From The Stolen Moon Task

In this exercise which is one of two exercises, students are asked to describe or interpret basic elements of The Stolen Moon script such as character and setting.

What is the major problem that Fox, Raven, and Bear must solve in this scene?

Scoring Guide

This question explores students' abilities to grasp dramatic conflict.

3 - ACCEPTABLE The student understands the central problem of the story caused by the conflicting desires of the characters: that Fox and Raven need the moon to get food or to find their homes at night, but Bear wants the moon hidden so he can sleep. [Sample Response]

2 - PARTIAL The student understands some aspect of the problem presented by the story, for example, that Raven and/or Fox are hungry because of the moon's absence. [Sample Response]

1 - UNACCEPTABLE The student does not identify any aspect of the problem in the story. [Sample Response]

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Last updated 7 March 2003 (HM)