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Special Printing Instructions for
The Nation's Report Card: Trial Urban District Assessment,
Reading Highlights 2003

The Nation's Report Card: Trial Urban District Assessment, Reading Highlights 2003 report is slightly larger than legal-size. It is printed on 9x14" paper. The Highlights report PDF file mirrors the printed report and is also in 9x14" format.

Printing to Legal-Size Paper

If you want a virtually full-size printout of the Highlights report PDF file, you must use a printer that can print to legal-size paper. Follow the procedure you would normally use to print PDF files[1] and to print to legal-size (8.5x14") paper (load the legal-size paper in the printer, select legal-size paper under Printer Setup, etc.). Be sure to check the 'Shrink oversized pages to paper size', 'Fit to page', or 'Shrink to Fit'[2] option in the Print dialog box.

Printing to Ordinary Letter-Size Paper

If printing to legal-size paper is not an option, you can get a printout of the Highlights report PDF file on ordinary letter-size paper (8.5x11" paper). Follow the procedure you normally use to print PDF files to letter-size paper.[1] When the Print window appears on your screen, select the 'Shrink oversized pages to paper size', 'Fit to page', or 'Shrink to Fit'[2] option. Continue with your normal printing procedure. The Highlights report will be reduced in size so that each page fits on letter-size paper.

  1. If you need general information about printing PDF files, see the Portable Document Format (PDF) section of the NCES Help "What About Technical Issues?" page and the NCES Help Technical FAQ page.

  2. The option available depends upon the version of the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader software you are using.

    For Acrobat VersionChoose Option
    6'Fit to paper'
    5'Shrink oversized pages to paper size'
    4'Fit to page'
    3'Shrink to Fit'

    Choosing 'Fit to page', according to the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 Guide, "scales pages up or down (and if necessary rotates them) to fit the paper size currently installed in your printer." Acrobat 5 and 6 offer 'Auto-rotate and center pages' as a separate option, independent of 'Shrink oversized pages to paper size'. For the Highlights report, pages should be printed in portrait orientation, and generally would not be rotated.

PDF Download the complete report in a PDF file for viewing and printing. 396K

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Last updated 05 December 2003 (RH)

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