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Students, Your Participation in NAEP 2014 Is Important to Our Nation!

Are you the parent or teacher of a student selected for NAEP? Find more information for you! ​

In the 2014-2015 school year, NAEP administered three exciting assessments. Thank you to all who participated and represented the nation.

Civics, geography, and U.S. history: Selected students at grade 8 participated in the NAEP civics, geography, or U.S. history assessments. Science Pilots: Selected grade 4, 8, and 12 students participated in the national science pilots in two formats: the traditional paper-and-pencil assessment, and hands-on tasks (HOTs). Students took the science pilot in only one format. Results from the pilot will not be released; however, information collected from the pilots is used to prepare for future NAEP assessments. See the complete library of released science HOTs​. Technology and Engineering Literacy AssessmentIn 2014, selected grade 8 students participated in the first-ever national TEL assessment. Check out more about TEL.

participationWhy is your participation in NAEP so important?

When you participate in NAEP, you are helping measure educational progress across the nation. Not all students in the nation take the assessment; you were selected to represent hundreds of students just like you across our nation. To make sure that the NAEP results report just how much you and your peers have learned in your classes, it's essential that you participate in the assessment and try your best.​​​​​​


naep_differentnaep_dWhat makes NAEP different than other tests you may have taken? 

  • You don't have to study for it: NAEP doesn't report results for individual students; it is designed to measure the general state of education in our nation and what you have already learned.

  • NAEP presents results for students across our country: Unlike your state's assessment, the results from NAEP assessments represent students from all across the nation.

  • NAEP tests every kind of student in every kind of school: Students taking NAEP are selected randomly to ensure that they are representative of the entire student body of their school. There's no preference given for academic standing, extracurricular participation, plans after high school, race/ethnicity, status as an English language learner, or any other factor.

  • NAEP history: NAEP has been reporting information about what students across the country know and can do in major school subjects since 1969. It is the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment.

More answers to questions like these are available on the NAEP Students' Website. With FAQs, videos, games, resources for high school seniors, and more, it's a site designed just for you! (If you don't see what you need there, or just think of something else we should add to it, let us know!)​​​


whwhenWhen is NAEP coming to selected schools? 

NAEP will kick off the 2014 assessments on January 27, and the administration will go through March 7, 2014. Find out why NAEP tests students in these three age groups.


resourcesresourcesDon't miss all the resources available on our website. 

  • Use the two data tools below (Test Yourself and the NAEP Questions Tool) to see sample questions and responses from actual students who took NAEP.

NAEP Test Yourself.  Try out actual questions administered to students in the NAEP assessments. 

NAEP Questions Tool.  Search, sort, and print sample NAEP questions. 


Last updated 11 March 2014 (AA)