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Distribution of Mathematics Questions 2007

Target and actual percentage distribution of items, by content area and grade: 2007
Content Area Grade 4 Grade 8
  Target Actual Target Actual
Number properties and operations 40 39 20 22
Measurement 20 21 15 17
Geometry 15 16 20 19
Data analysis and probability 10 12 15 15
Algebra 15 12 30 27
SOURCE: National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2007 Mathematics Assessment.

The distribution of items among the various mathematical content areas is a critical feature of the assessment design, as it reflects the relative importance given to each of the curricular content areas within mathematics. As has been the case with past NAEP assessments in mathematics, the categories receive different emphasis at each grade level. .

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Last updated 18 September 2007 (RF)