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Index to 2000 HSTS Tabulations Report Table 43: Mean NAEP mathematics scores of high school graduates, by course credits earned, in subject fields and selected school and student demographic characteristics: 2000

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Table 43-A.Mathematics
Table 43-B.Science
Table 43-C.English
Table 43-D.Social Studies
Table 43-E.Fine Arts
Table 43-F.Foreign Languages
Table 43-G.Computer-Related Studies
Table 43-H.Consumer & Homemaking Education
Table 43-I.General Labor Market Preparation
Table 43-J.Specific Labor Market Preparation
Table 43-K.General Skills
Table 43-L.Personal Health & Physical Education
Table 43-M.Religion
Table 43-N.Military Science
Table 43-O.Special Education
Table 43-P.All Courses Other Than Above
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