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Index to 2000 HSTS Tabulations Report Table 35: Percentage of high school graduates who earned minimum course credits in mathematics, by selected school and student demographic characteristics: Selected years, 1982–2000

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Table 35-A.1.0 credit in any Mathematics course
Table 35-B.1.0 credit in Basic Math
Table 35-C.1.0 credit in General Math
Table 35-D.1.0 credit in Applied Math
Table 35-E.1.0 credit in Pre-Algebra
Table 35-F.1.0 credit in Algebra 1
Table 35-G.1.0 credit in Algebra 2
Table 35-H.1.0 credit in Geometry
Table 35-I.1.0 credit in Analysis/Precalculus
Table 35-J.1.0 credit in Trigonometry
Table 35-K.1.0 credit in Statistics/Probability
Table 35-L.1.0 credit in Calculus
Table 35-M.1.0 credit in AP/IB/Honors Calculus
Table 35-N.1.0 credit in any Advanced Math course
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Last updated 2 December 2005 (HM)