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Mathematics Curriculum Study

The Mathematics Curriculum Study explores the relationship between coursetaking and achievement by investigating the content and challenge of two core high school mathematics courses—algebra I and geometry. Conducted in conjunction with the 2005 NAEP High School Transcript Study, the study uses textbooks as an indirect measure of what was taught in classrooms.

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NAEP assessments are conducted across the nation, states, and in some cases, across urban districts. National results are reported for all assessment subjects. Mathematics, reading, science, and writing are also assessed at the state level and for participating urban districts. For national assessments, students in both public and private schools are assessed. At the state level, only public school assessments are reported. Assessment results are never reported for individual students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Study

What is The Nation's Report Card?
What is the High School Transcript Study?
What is the Mathematics Curriculum Study
How many schools and students participated in the study?

About Textbook Coding

What if a student took algebra I or geometry before entering high school?
How does the Mathematics Curriculum Study relate to the Common Core of Standards for mathematics courses?

About the Results

What results does the Mathematics Curriculum Study report?
How are curriculum topics defined in the results?
How are course levels defined?
Which NAEP results are reported?
What information do the results provide for parents?
What information do the results provide for teachers?
What information do the results provide for education policymakers?
Does NCES plan to release information about which schools used the textbooks analyzed in this study?

Last updated 16 November 2021 (AA)