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2003–2016 Questionnaires for Students, Teachers, and Schools

In addition to assessing subject-area achievement, NAEP collects information that serves to fulfill reporting requirements of federal legislation and to provide a context for reporting student performance. The legislation requires that, whenever feasible, NAEP include information on special groups (e.g., information reported by race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, disability and limited English proficiency).

As part of most NAEP assessments, four types of questionnaires are used to collect information:

  • Student questionnaires collect information on students' demographic characteristics, classroom experiences, and educational support (completed by students);
  • Teacher questionnaires gather data on teacher training and instructional practices (completed by teachers at grades 4 and 8. NAEP typically does not collect teacher information for grade 12);
  • School questionnaires gather information on school policies and characteristics (completed by the principal or assistant principal); and
  • SD/LEP (students with disabilities or limited English proficiency) questionnaires collect information about students selected in the sample who have disabilities or limited English proficiency (completed by special education teacher, bilingual education/ESL teacher, or staff member who is most familiar with the student).

Students complete the questionnaires voluntarily and their responses are kept confidential. Student names are never reported with their responses or the other information collected by NAEP.

Students are given 10 minutes to complete the questions at the end of their student assessment booklets. The two sections of student questions each take about 5 minutes to complete. The teacher, school, and SD/LEP questionnaires are printed in separate booklets. With increasing frequency, teacher and school questionnaires are completed electronically.

The following 2003–2016 questionnaires are available in PDF formatPDF File.

Student Questionnaires (Completed by students.)
  Grade 4 Grade 8 Grade 12
General (2016 Pilot) 236K 238K 

Reading (2016 Pilot)
Student Example (2016 Pilot)



Mathematics (2016 Pilot) 215K 222K 
Writing (2016 Pilot)  223K 
Mathematics (2011) 94K 109K 
Reading (2011) 65K 92K 
Science (2011)  82K 
Mathematics (2009) 88K 111K 127K
Reading (2009) 89K 99K 102K
Science (2009) 96K 100K 118K
Mathematics (2007) 156K 106K 
Reading (2007) 171K 118K 
Writing (2007)  116K 126K
Civics (2006) 97K 112K 117K
Economics (2006)   144K
U.S. History (2006) 91K 116K 120K
Mathematics (2005) 69K 99K 108K
Reading (2005) 92K 98K 104K
Science (2005) 73K 83K 92K
Mathematics (2003) 87K 123K 129K
Reading (2003) 108K 80K 80K
School Questionnaires (Completed by the principal or assistant principal.)
  Grade 4 Grade 8 Grade 12
Reading/Mathematics (2016 Pilot) 245K  
Reading/Mathematics/Writing (2016 Pilot)  285K 
Reading/Mathematics (2011) 968K  
Reading/Mathematics/Science (2011)  1.3M 
Reading/Mathematics/Science/Writing (2011)  1.2M 
Mathematics, Reading, Science (2009) 224K 230K 246K
Mathematics, Reading, Writing (2007) 183K 187K 121K
Civics, Economics, U.S. History, Mathematics, Reading, Writing (2006) 211K 210K 194K
Math/Reading/Science (2005) 109K 116K 171K
Math/Reading (2003) 99K 99K 110K
Students with Disabilities/Limited English Proficiency (SD/LEP)
(Completed by Principal/Assistant Principal, Special Education Teacher, Bilingual Education/ESL Teacher, Classroom Teacher.)
ELL (2011) 502K
SD all subjects (2010) 111K
SD all subjects (2009) 373K
ELL all subjects (2010) 101K
ELL all subjects (2009) 370K
SD all subjects (2007) 709K
SD all subjects (2006) 68K
ELL all subjects (2007) 672K
ELL all subjects (2006) 69K
SD all subjects (2005) 76K
LEP all subjects (2005) 72K
All subjects (2003) 101K
Teacher Questionnaires
(Completed by teachers at grades 4 and 8. NAEP does not collect teacher information for grade 12.)
  Grade 4 Grade 8 Grade 12
Reading/Mathematics (2016 Pilot) 265K  
Mathematics (2016 Pilot)  214K 
Reading/Writing (2016 Pilot)  324K 
Reading/Mathematics (2011) 1.2M  
Reading (2011)  754K 
Reading/Writing (2011)  841K 
Mathematics (2011)  798K 
Writing (2010)  741K 
Mathematics/Reading/Science (2009) 246K  
Mathematics (2009)   106K 
Reading (2009)  101K 
Science (2009)  117K 
Language Arts/Mathematics (2007) 384K  
Mathematics (2007)  320K 
Language Arts (2007)  121K 
Civics, U.S. History (2006) 200K 129K 
Mathematics (included with U.S. History/Civics at grade 4) (2006) 200K 135K 
Mathematics (2005) 243K 207K 
Reading (2005) 243K 187K 
Science (2005) 243K 172K 
Mathematics (2003) 133K 75K 
Reading (2003) 133K 67K 

Questionnaires for more recent years are also available.

To obtain other NAEP questionnaires not available on this website, please contact Sherran Osborne in the NCES Assessment Division at 202-502-7420 or 202-502-7400, or specify the questionnaires you need in the Contact NAEP form.

Last updated 28 December 2016 (RH)