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NAEP State Assessment Sample Design Frequently Asked Questions

See the frequently asked questions about the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) state assessment sample design. For additional information about NAEP sampling, visit Focus on NAEP: Sampling for NAEP Assessments or download the NAEP Sampling Infographic PDF Click to open pdf. to see how representative samples of schools and students are selected for the NAEP assessments.

How are schools selected for NAEP?
How are students selected for NAEP?
Why are some schools selected frequently?
Are any schools or students targeted for oversampling?
Why do the numbers of schools and students selected to participate vary from year to year?
How are private schools selected to participate in NAEP?
Can states choose which schools are sampled for NAEP?
How do school response rates affect NAEP reporting?
Are students with disabilities and English learners included in the NAEP sample?
How many students participate in each NAEP assessment?
How can I learn more about NAEP sampling?

Last updated 30 November 2023 (MB)