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How Is the NAEP Arts Assessment Administered?

NAEP staff go into schools across the nation to administer assessment exercises to students who are part of the NAEP sample. Teachers and principals are also asked to complete questionnaires to provide context for student results. NAEP staff are responsible for the following administrative duties:

  • selecting the sample of schools and students to take the assessment;
  • developing the administrative procedures and manuals for assessment administrators;
  • conducting the assessment administrations; and
  • conducting an extensive quality-assurance program.

Staff were trained to do the following for the arts administration:

  • photograph student three-dimensional works of arts;
  • distribute kits of varied arts materials; and
  • set up recording players for music tasks.

NAEP staff receive extensive training in administering the NAEP national assessment. Such training includes (but is not necessarily limited to) learning about procedures for the following:

  • contacting and going into schools to administer assessments;
  • distributing and collecting student assessment materials;
  • timing the administration of the assessment;
  • using scripts to guide students through different sections of the assessments; and
  • answering and tracking questions students may have during the assessments. 


Last updated 05 May 2009 (JL)