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1997 NAEP Arts Committee

Marianna Moore Adams (VA)
Institute for Learning Innovation, MD
Lisa Beth Allen (T)
Sundance Institute, UT
Jane Bonbright (D)
National Dance Education Association, MD
Beth Burkhauser (VA)
McNichols Plaza School, PA
Karen King-Caven (D)
Arts Impact Elementary School, OH
Meredith Davis (VA)
North Carolina State University, NC
Eduardo Garcia (T)
Plainsboro, NJ
Mac Arthur Goodwin (VA)
South Carolina State Department of Education, SC
Rebecca Hutton (D)
N. Potomac, MI
Joni Lee Jones (T)
University of Texas at Austin, TX
Sheila Kendall (M)
Scottsdale Unified School District, AZ
Claudette Morton (T)
Helena, MT
Susan McGreevey Nichols (D)
Roger Williams Middle School, RI
Barry Oreck (D)
Arts Connection, NY
Nancy Pistone (VA)
Pittsburgh, PA
Theresa Purcell (D)
Trenton, NJ
Scott Schuler (M)
Connecticut State Department of Education, CT
Suzanne Shull (M)
Ridgeview School, GA
Deborah Smith (M)
Detroit, MI

Note: A separate assessment was developed for each of four arts subjects: dance (D), music (M), visual arts (VA), and theatre (T). Committee members typically focused on only one of the subjects as indicated in parenthesis.

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