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Private School NAEP Results Online

NAEP assesses representative samples of private school students at grades 4, 8, and 12 (or at ages 9, 13, and 17 for the long-term trend assessment) with each assessment. Private school results are reported whenever at least 70% of the schools in the sample participate. The symbol ‡ shows up in the tables or charts whenever the data could not be reported.

For a quick but detailed look at results for private and public schools, use the Private School Quick Data tool below. Select the subject and grade, then select whether you want to see the data broken out by two categories (public and private schools) or by five categories (including Catholic, other private schools, and schools of the Bureau of Indian Education and the Department of Defense). Then press "Show table." This will take you to a results table in the NAEP Data Explorer (NDE), in a new tab or window.

Private School Quick Data


Once you see the results in the NDE, you can explore them further by customizing your tables or viewing them in a variety of chart formats.

Last updated 20 December 2017 (FW)