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Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and English Learners

NAEP Policy and Accommodations for SD/EL Students

Accommodations in the testing environment or administration procedures are available for SD and EL students to support their participation in the assessment. Some accommodations are actually built-in features—or Universal Design Elements--of the digitally based assessments that are available to all students. Other accommodations, such as additional test time, are available upon request. Every jurisdiction decides what accommodations the students in that jurisdiction are eligible to receive.

Exclusion Rates

Some SD and EL students can be assessed without accommodations. Some require accommodations to participate in NAEP, while others may not be able to participate even with accommodations. The percentage of SD and EL students who are excluded from NAEP assessments varies across assessment subjects, from one jurisdiction to another, and within a jurisdiction over time. See percentages of inclusion or exclusion of SD and EL students for the nation, by jurisdiction, and by participating districts for assessments since 1992. Also review research exploring the potential impact of change in exclusion rates on assessment results.

Last updated 22 October 2021 (AA)