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Sample Questions Booklets

Sample Questions booklets are general information booklets about the NAEP assessments. They are given to schools participating in NAEP assessments so that administrators and teachers will have an idea of what to expect during an assessment. In addition, the booklets give teachers and the parents of participating students an opportunity to examine the types of questions students will be answering.

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The Sample Questions booklets contain many of the features of the actual test booklets, including instructions, sample subject-area questions and student responses from previous NAEP assessments, and questions about the student's activities and characteristics related to education and the subject being assessed. Also included is a description of the framework for each subject assessed and a description of the NAEP Questions Tool. The subject-area questions and the survey questionnaires are described below.

Sample Questions booklets for upcoming and recent assessments and field tests are available below in PDF formatPDF File. When the size of a booklet is especially large, the PDF is broken into pieces to make it easier to download. Note that prior to 2006, Sample Questions booklets were referred to as "demonstration booklets." Beginning with the 2006 assessments—civics, economics, and U.S. history—the booklets are referred to as Sample Questions booklets.

Types of Questions Asked

Each student participating in NAEP receives a booklet that contains directions for taking the test, subject-area questions, and two different types of contextual survey questions: subject-specific and general.

Subject-area questions measure what students know and can do in various subjects at grades 4, 8, or 12. Questions are developed based on specifications in the subject-area framework, and are usually presented in two 25-minute blocks of questions. Released questions from past NAEP assessments, as well as the scoring guides and actual student responses for constructed-response questions, can be found in the NAEP Questions Tool. More than 3,000 questions are available for review.

General questions ask about students' demographic characteristics (e.g., gender, race) and general education-related experiences in a 5-minute section that follows the subject-area questions. Subject-specific questions collect data related to subject-area classroom experiences, in a final 5-minute section.

The two short sections of contextual information questions serve to fulfill reporting requirements of federal legislation and help put results in context. In 2002, the design of the booklets and assessment administration was standardized across all regularly administered subjects; before that time, some subjects had contextual information questions placed at an earlier point in the assessment booklets.

Last updated 30 November 2018 (RH)