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Swimmer completes
Manhattan marathon

The Associated Press
NEW YORK—University of Maryland Senior Stacy Chanin on Wednesday became the first person to swim three 28-mile laps around Manhattan.
     Chanin, 23, of Virginia, climbed out of the East River at 96th Street at 9:30 p.m. She began the swim at noon on Tuesday.
     A spokesman for the swimmer, Roy Brunett, said Chanin had kept up her strength with “banana and honey” sandwiches, hot chocolate, lots of water and granola bars.”
     Chanin has twice circled Man-
hattan before and trained for the new feat by swimming about 28.4 miles a week. The Yonkers native has competed as a swimmer since she was 15 and hoped to persuade Olympic authorities to add a long-distance swimming event.
     The Leukemia Society of America solicited pledges for each mile she swam.
     In July 1983, Julie Ridge became the first person to swim around Manhattan twice. With her three laps, Chanin came up just short of Diana Nyad’s distance record, set on a Florida-to-Cuba swim.