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Adult Literacy Research in Ontario
Database of Adult Literacy Research in Ontario which contains research from 1980 to today. Users can search by project status (completed and in-progress), title, author, or topic. Full summaries are available for each record. Submission criteria and process are also detailed.

Asian Pacific Literacy Database
This site offers a compilation of international literacy policy and statistics for Southeast Asia including: Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Bhutan, Iran, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Nepal, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Pakistan, Viet Nam. It also includes links to other resources of publications and local networks for literacy.

Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL)
The vision of the Council is to lead Australia in the development and promotion of adult literacy and numeracy practice and policy.

Basic Skills Agency (United Kingdom)
The priorities of the national development agency for basic skills in the United Kingdom are: improving the speaking and listening skills of children, young people, and adults; improving basic skills at transition points in a child's, young person's or adult's; and engaging disengaged children, young people, and adults in improving basic skills.

Department for Education and Skills (United Kingdom)
The United Kingdom Department for Education and Skills' aim is to provide children with high quality education, to enable young people to equip themselves with life and work skills, and to encourage adults to achieve their full potential through learning.

International Literacy Institute (ILI)
The mission of the ILI is to provide leadership in research, development, and training in the broad field of international literacy and development, with an emphasis on developing countries. This site presents data through catalogs of international conferences, partnerships, and trainings since 1997 concerning literacy.

National Adult Literacy Agency (Ireland)
NALA provides facts and statistics about adult literacy in Ireland. NALA is primarily concerned with national coordination, training, and policy development focusing on training, tutors, European projects, workplace literacy, family literacy, and ESOL.

National Adult Literacy Database Inc. (NALD)
NALD in Canada is a federally incorporated organization, providing adult literacy information to practitioners, teachers, volunteers, program administrators, policy setters, and learners across the country through its toll-free "800" number, through its web site (, and through its newsletter which it publishes quarterly.