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Archived Survey Materials

Archived Survey Materials

Level of Institution

Control of Institution

Predominant Calendar System

Institution Grants Degree


Completions File size
Completions 100KB
Download all Completions 100KB
Fall Enrollment File size
Fall Enrollment - 4-year institutions 170KB
Fall Enrollment - less than 4-year institutions 115KB
Download all Fall Enrollment 285KB
Finance File size
Public institutions using new GASB Reporting Standards (GASB 34/35) 153KB
Public institutions using FASB Reporting Standards 92KB
Private not-for-profit institutions 92KB
Private for-profit institutions 71KB
Download all Finance 408KB
Graduation Rates File size
4-year institutions 15KB
2-year institutions 15KB
Less-than-2-year institutions 14KB
4-year institutions 242KB
2-year institutions 160KB
Less-than-2-year institutions 53KB
Download all Graduation Rates 499KB
Human Resources File size
Degree-granting institutions 93KB
Nondegree-granting institutions 91KB
Institutions with M.D. programs 239KB
Institutions without M.D. programs 75KB
Salaries - Degree-granting institutions 84KB
Download all Human Resources 582KB
Institutional Characteristics File size
Academic year tuition reporters - 4-year 156KB
Academic year tuition reporters - 2-year 145KB
Academic year tuition reporters - less than 2-year 139KB
Program year tuition reporters - 4-year 149KB
Program year tuition reporters - 2-year 154KB
Program year tuition reporters - less than 2-year 142KB
Download all Institutional Characteristics 885KB
Student Financial Aid File size
Academic year reporters - Public institutions 33KB
Academic year reporters - Private institutions 32KB
Program reporters 2KB
Download all Student Financial Aid 67KB