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Staff Directory

Tara Lawley

Postsecondary Branch Chief

Responsible for oversight of all activities within the Postsecondary Branch of NCES Administrative Data Division


Sam Barbett

Team Lead

Responsible for General Data Questions, IPEDS Data Releases, and IPEDS files


Aida Ali Akreyi

Operations Lead

Responsible for General Collection Questions, Trainings, and Finance

Christopher Cody

Survey Director (contractor)

Responsible for Academic Libraries and Human Resources

Michelle Coon

Survey Director

Responsible for Completions, Admissions, and Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)

Moussa Ezzeddine

Senior Statistician

Responsible for Institutional Characteristics Header and the IPEDS universe


Andrew Mary

Senior Statistician

Responsible for publications, Graduation Rates, and 200% Graduation Rates


Stacey Peterson


Responsible for Institutional Characteristics and Student Financial Aid

McCall Pitcher

Survey Director (contractor)

Responsible for Outcome Measures

Roman Ruiz

Survey Director (contractor)

Responsible for 12-month Enrollment and Fall Enrollment