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Resources for Software Providers

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Registered software providers will receive email notification of the availability of new information useful in developing IPEDS reporting functions for postsecondary institutions, as described below. Open to all who assist institutions in reporting to IPEDS. Register now to be included in these notifications.

Timetable of materials availability

Item Notes Timing
Proposed Changes Link to proposed changes sent via This Week in IPEDS when a request for clearance has been sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Prior collection cycle or sooner, when substantive changes will be made (approximately every three years)
Approved Changes Posted in the Report Your Data page Once the proposed changes have been approved by OMB; a minimum of 90 days after request for clearance is sent to OMB
IPEDS Data Collection Schedule Available from the Report Your Data page Posted each spring for the next data collection cycle
Survey Materials Survey materials include blank forms, instructions, import specifications, frequently asked questions, and edit specifications. These are available from the Report Your Data page Posted in early August each year, on the day that keyholder registration opens, for ALL survey components
Glossary Available from the Report Your Data page Year round
Web Tutorial Training Materials Materials Step-by-step instructions for completing all IPEDS survey components are available as free web tutorials When Fall data collection opens in early September: IC Header, Institutional Characteristics, Completions, 12-month Enrollment

When Winter data collection opens in early December: Admissions, Graduation Rates, Graduation Rates 200, Outcome Measures, Student Financial Aid

When Spring data collection opens in early December: Academic Libraries, Fall Enrollment, Finance, Human Resources