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Updates and Resources Related to HR/SOC

This Week in IPEDS  November 13, 2012

Updates and Resources Related to HR/SOC

NCES has recently added resources and updates related to the Human Resources (HR) survey component, as follows:

SOC Browse Tool

  • The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System Browse Tool has recently been added to the HR/SOC resource page. This tool allows users to browse the entire SOC to see codes, titles, descriptions, and corresponding IPEDS occupational categories. The tool is available through the HR/SOC resource page at:

Updates to HR Occupational Categories

  • The name of the HR category “Non-postsecondary Teachers/Teaching Occupations” was changed for clarity to “Other Teachers and Instructional Support Staff". The SOC categories that fall within this IPEDS HR category remain the same.
  • The name of the graduate assistant category "Library and Non-postsecondary Teaching" was changed to "Library and Instructional Support" for clarity.

Updates to HR Instructions

  • For degree-granting institutions with 15 or more full-time staff members, the following instruction about staff on leave or on sabbatical leave was added to the IPEDS HR instructions for clarity: When reporting staff on sabbatical leave and staff who are on leave, but remain on the payroll of the institution, report such persons at their regular salaries even though the staff may be receiving a reduced annuity while on leave. (This is consistent with instructions in previous years.)
  • The screening question about salaries was revised for clarity to indicate that the reporting of data for Part G, full-time non-instructional staff will still be required even if the answers to the “instructional staff” screening questions are No.

Resource Provided by CUPA-HR

  • We are pleased to announce that CUPA-HR has offered to let us link to their new Position Description spreadsheets. This is a valuable resource for helping institutions re-categorize the jobs on campus for IPEDS HR reporting. The Position Description spreadsheets are publicly available on the CUPA-HR website and provide suggestions for mapping administrator and professional positions to SOC codes and corresponding IPEDS categories. As always, please use your judgment and knowledge about your institution and the jobs on your campus if you feel like a particular suggested mapping does not make sense for your institution. The worksheets are available through the HR/SOC resource page, or through

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