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Common Education Data Standards - Comments Requested

This Week in IPEDS  July 25, 2011

Common Education Data Standards - Comments Requested

NCES requests your comments on the most recent release (Version 2.0) of draft Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). Comments on draft one of Version 2 will be accepted until August 15, 2011.

What is CEDS?

CEDS is a collection of common data definitions and code sets for student-level data that can be used by institutions and states for data exchange within and across states, and to assist in federal reporting.

How Are CEDS Related to IPEDS?

For Version 2 of CEDS, a working group decided to identify which student-level data elements an institution would need to have in its campus data system in order to prepare and report the institutional level data that are reported through IPEDS. Once finalized, NCES will be able to use CEDS to (1) build new tools to assist with IPEDS data reporting and help ease reporting burden and (2) provide better training to institutions that focuses not only on submitting data to IPEDS but also on preparing data to be submitted.

Why Is NCES Directing This Effort?

Data quality is essential to NCESís mission. We believe that data quality begins at the institution level. Common education data standards not only facilitate data exchanges between institutions, states, and the federal government but also helps improve data quality from the ground up, both when reporting to NCES (e.g., IPEDS) and in exchanging data across systems.

Who Else Is Involved in This Effort?

The standards are being developed by NCES with the assistance of a stakeholder group that includes representatives from states, institutions of higher education, state higher education agencies, and key education associations, among others. The hope is that CEDS will be seen to be a valuable tool, and be widely accepted and adopted voluntarily. Your comments will assist by helping to make this common vocabulary useful.

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