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IPEDS Sessions at the AIR Forum

This Week in IPEDS  May 24, 2010

IPEDS Sessions at the AIR Forum

Please join NCES at one or more of the IPEDS-related presentations scheduled at the AIR Forum ( If you plan to be at the Forum, we hope that you will stop by the IPEDS booth in the exhibit hall, or join us at one or more of the following sessions (listed chronologically):

  1. Using IPEDS Data Tools (Elise Miller, NCES; Tara Coffey, NCES; and Mohamad Sakr, IT Innovative Solutions). Monday 5/31, 8:30AM-9:30AM, Sheraton Ballroom III.
  2. Race and Ethnicity Q&A (Peggye Cohen, George Washington Univ.; Mary Sapp, Univ. of Miami; Gayle Fink, Bowie State Univ.; and Jan Plotczyk, NCES). Monday 5/31, 9:45AM-10:25AM, Parlor C.
  3. A Descriptive Analysis of Tuition Pricing Practices in Postsecondary Education (Sean Simone, NCES). Monday 5/31, 1:45PM-2:25PM, Chicago Ballroom IX.
  4. Post-Stratification and Imputation Methods to Reduce Bias in Estimates Derived From Optional IPEDS Enrollment Data (Poster) (Scott Ginder, RTI International). Monday 5/31, 5:00PM-6:00PM, Sheraton Ballroom IV, V & Chicago Ballroom VI & VII.
  5. IPEDS Update Parts I and II (Elise Miller, NCES; Janice Kelly-Reid, RTI International; Jessica Shedd, NCES; Archie Cubarrubia, NCES; and Jan Plotczyk, NCES). Tuesday 6/1, 11:00AM-12:35PM, Sheraton Ballroom II.
  6. Planning for the New Net Price Calculator Required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act for Institutional Web Sites (Elise Miller, NCES; Archie Cubarrubia, NCES; Mary Sapp, Univ. of Miami; Meihau Zhai, NCES/AIR Fellow; and Mohamad Sakr, IT Innovative Solutions). Wednesday, 6/2, 8:30AM-9:30AM, Sheraton Ballroom III.

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