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There are three items this week:

This Week in IPEDS  October 28, 2013
  1. Update on IPEDS Data Collection Schedule
  2. Update on 2013 Data Feedback Reports
  3. Student Financial Aid Data Released

Update on IPEDS Data Collection Schedule
**NEW Fall Collection Due Dates**
**NO CHANGE to Winter and Spring Dates**

As was announced following the partial government shutdown which ended October 17th, the IPEDS Fall 2013 Collection deadlines have been revised. The Keyholder deadline is now November 4, 2013 at midnight Pacific Time. As usual, locking coordinators will have an additional 2 week review and locking period, with a deadline of November 18, 2013. No deadline extensions are available. There will also be no change to the Winter and Spring collection schedules, both of which are scheduled to open on December 11, 2013. For any additional questions about the collection schedule and upcoming deadlines, please contact the IPEDS Help Desk.

Update on 2013 Data Feedback Reports

The 2013 Data Feedback Reports (DFR) will be released on a delayed schedule. The reports were scheduled to be emailed to keyholders and coordinators in mid-October and sent in hardcopy to CEOs on October 31. As a result of a delay in IPEDS data release because of the government shutdown, the DFRs will be emailed to keyholders, sent in hardcopy to institutional CEOs, and released in the IPEDS Data Center after the preliminary release of the Spring 2013 IPEDS data. We anticipate this will be in late November or early December.

Student Financial Aid Data Released

The following NCES publication has recently been released: Student Financial Aid, Academic Year 2011–12 - First Look (Provisional Data). The NCES publication number is: 2013178. It is available from the NCES publication page at: These data are also now available in the IPEDS Data Center ( under the “Provisional Release” access level.

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