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There are two items this week:

This Week in IPEDS  September 10, 2013
  1. IPEDS Data Tool Updates
  2. Call for Comments on CEDS Version 4 Draft

IPEDS Data Tool Updates

The following updates have been made to IPEDS data tools:

  • College Navigator ( has recently been updated with Fall 2012 enrollment, graduation rates (reported in 2012-13) and information on faculty and research assistants. The Enrollment tab also includes new charts on enrollment by distance learning (if the institution reported having distance learning).
  • Within the IPEDS Data Center (, enhancements have been made to the “Create Group Statistics” module, as follows: 1)The process of selecting classification variables to obtain separate analysis has been improved such that selecting classification variables, statistics, and output formats are all available on the same web page, 2) The report has been reformatted do reduce the number of blank/not applicable cells, 3) The report can be downloaded into Excel as formatted (or it can be downloaded as a .csv version that is not formatted but more pivot-table friendly), 4) To reduce clutter on the page, the download feature will produce a zip file that will have both formats, and 5) The speed of the report is much improved.

Call for Comments on CEDS Version 4 Draft

The draft of the Version 4 (V4) Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) has been released for public comment. All are encouraged to review the draft standards and submit comments by September 20, 2013 via the CEDS website at: There are over 200 proposed new V4 elements, as well as some updated elements from the previous version of CEDS. In total, the proposed CEDS V4 includes over 1,300 unduplicated elements, spanning P-20W (early learning through workforce).

Please note the V4 draft elements are accessible by the main CEDS element page ( or by Excel download ( The draft elements are NOT included in the data model (DES or NDS) or the CEDS Tools (Align and Connect). Once the elements have gone through the review process and been revised as final they will be included in the models and tools with the V4 release in January, 2014.

CEDS supports the development of a common vocabulary for P-20W. It is a collection of definitions and formats for the most commonly used P-20W education data elements but does not dictate how individual data systems collect, store, and report data. CEDS is developed each year by a group of stakeholders but is also equally shaped by those who provide feedback during this public comment period.

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