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Trainings & Outreach

Training & Workshop Announcements

Learn about AIR’s mentor-supported, self-paced courses designed to support IPEDS data providers (Keyholders).

AIR's Online Video Tutorials

Free video tutorials created by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) for data providers on how to report the data and data users on how to use the data.

AIR Face-to-Face Workshops

In-person workshops presented by AIR Trainers on topics, such as using IPEDS data for benchmarking, learning about the public face of IPEDS data, and implementing best practices on reporting to IPEDS. Request to host an IPEDS Workshop near you.

IPEDS Educators

A group of knowledgeable and experienced IPEDS data providers and users are selected each year to be IPEDS Educators. As valuable resources to the IPEDS community, they primarily assist AIR in developing and delivering AIR face-to-face workshops.