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Collaborate With NCES

Collaborate with NCES to learn more about IPEDS activities, outreach, R&D, and federal grants and fellowships

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This Week IPEDS (TWII)

Read the latest information (updates to the data collection system, schedule, process, etc.) emailed to IPEDS data providers.

IPEDS on Twitter

Stay connected with IPEDS though our account: @IPEDS_NCES

National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC)

Explore the latest IPEDS research and development activities guided by a voluntary group represented by all postsecondary sectors.

Archived Research & Dissertation Grants

Learn about prior grant-supported studies that used data from NCES and NSF as well as addressed NPEC Focus Topic.

Technical Review Panel (TRP)

Learn more about the peer-review group that discusses IPEDS products, future plans, and potential uses.

NCES Data Institute

Learn more and apply to our postsecondary education data methodology research institute.

Participate In IPEDS

Trainings & Outreach

View trainings, workshops, and other outreach opportunities for data providers and users.

IPEDS Listserv

Participate in discussions about IPEDS data collection and usability.