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Timing of IPEDS Preliminary and Provisional First Look Publications and Data Release

The process for publicly releasing IPEDS data consists of two steps : 1) issuing a Preliminary First Look, which contains edited, but not imputed data, and 2) later issuing a Provisional First Look, which contains fully edited and imputed data. The timing of these releases can vary somewhat depending on the nature of the internal process, but generally will follow this timetable:

Preliminary Data [data released and First Look published]:
Fall Survey Data (ICH, IC, E12, C): mid- to late-May following the collection.
Winter Survey Data (ADM, SFA, GR, GR200, OM): early- to mid-September following the collection.
Spring Survey Data (HR, EF, F, AL): early- to mid-October following the collection.
Provisional Data [data released and First Look published]:
Approximately 4-6 weeks after the Preliminary data release.

The current review process has been in use since 2012, and continues to undergo improvements. However, approval of the data release is subject to multiple steps in the review process and unanticipated delays can occur. The goal of NCES is to maintain or improve the timeliness of data release on an annual basis.