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CIP 2020

Detail for CIP Code 25.0103

Title: Archives/Archival Administration.

Definition: A program that prepares individuals to identify, manage, preserve, and make available records with long-term value for documentation, legal, research, and other purposes. Includes instruction in appraisal and collection development, information and records management, archival preservation, access systems, management of electronic records, archival outreach, and legal and ethical issues. See also: 54.0105) Public/Applied History.

Action: No Substantive Changes

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2010 CIP 2020
Code Title Action Code Title
25.0103 Archives/Archival Administration. No substantive changes 25.0103 Archives/Archival Administration.
Illustrative Examples
  • [Archival Administration and Records Management]
  • [Archival Studies]
  • [Records Management]