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CIP 2020

Detail for CIP Code 51.3201

Title: Bioethics/Medical Ethics.

Definition: A program that focuses on the application of ethics, religion, jurisprudence, and the social sciences to the analysis of health care issues, clinical decision making, and research procedures. Includes instruction in philosophical ethics, moral value, medical sociology, theology, spirituality and health, policy analysis, decision theory, and applications to problems such as death and dying, therapeutic relationships, organ transplantation, human and animal subjects, reproduction and fertility, health care justice, cultural sensitivity, needs assessment, professionalism, conflict of interest, chaplaincy, and clinical or emergency procedures. See also: 38.0104) Applied and Professional Ethics.

Action: No Substantive Changes

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2010 CIP 2020
Code Title Action Code Title
51.3201 Bioethics/Medical Ethics. No substantive changes 51.3201 Bioethics/Medical Ethics.
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