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CIP 2020

Detail for CIP Code 30.3101

Title: Human Computer Interaction.

Definition: An interdisciplinary program that focuses on the study of the interaction between people and technology and how that technology impacts society, and combines disciplines within the fields of computing and information science (information systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence and design), engineering, and the behavior sciences (cognitive science, cognitive psychology, sociology, organizational psychology, and social psychology). Includes instruction in information technology, cognitive and behavioral sciences, and systems design. See also: 11.0105) Human-Centered Technology Design., 42.2813) Applied Psychology.

Action: No Substantive Changes

Text Change: CIP title or definition was updated

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2010 CIP 2020
Code Title Action Code Title
30.3101 Human Computer Interaction. No substantive changes 30.3101 Human Computer Interaction.
Illustrative Examples
  • [Human Factors Psychology]