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CIP 2020

Detail for CIP Code 26.1001

Title: Pharmacology.

Definition: A program that focuses on the scientific study of drug interactions on biological systems and organisms and the sources, chemical properties, biological effects, and therapeutic uses of drugs. Includes instruction in pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, drug therapeutics, drug action, bodily responses to drug events, biochemical proliferation and differentiation, apoptosis, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, and studies of specific drugs and drug interactions. See also: 51.2003) Pharmaceutics and Drug Design., 51.2010) Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Action: No Substantive Changes

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2010 CIP 2020
Code Title Action Code Title
26.1001 Pharmacology. No substantive changes 26.1001 Pharmacology.
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