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CIP 2010

Detail for CIP Code 26.1101

Title: Biometry/Biometrics.

Definition: A program that focuses on the application of statistics and other computational methods to the study of problems in the biological sciences and related fields in agriculture and natural resources. Includes instruction in computational biology, mathematical statistics, matrix algebra, applied calculus, experimental design, linear modeling, sampling theory, stochastic processes, spatial and temporal analysis, longitudinal analysis, sparse/unbalanced data and complex error, and applications to such topics as population genetics, animal breeding, forest genetics, population dynamics, wildlife biometry, ecology, and agricultural and natural resource management.

Action: No Substantive Changes

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2000 CIP 2010
Code Title Action Code Title
26.1101 Biometry/Biometrics. No substantive changes 26.1101 Biometry/Biometrics.
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