Section 508 Accessibility Working Group

Purpose: This working group developed the Forum Guide to Ensuring Equal Access to Education Websites— Introduction to Electronic Information Accessibility Standards. The guide is intended to raise awareness in nontechnical audiences and suggest best practices for complying with Section 508 goals at an operational level in schools, school districts, and state education agencies. It is not intended to recreate technical resources that already exist to facilitate Section 508 compliance.

Jim Addy, Iowa Department of Education
Sheila Corey, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
Kathleen Gosa, Kansas State Department of Education
Thomas Purwin, Jersey City Public Schools (NJ)
Rachael Traub, Massachusetts Department of Education
Raymond Woten, Virginia Department of Education

Chair: Lee Rabbitt, Newport Public Schools

NCES Staff: Ghedam Bairu

Support: Tom Szuba, QIP