The Forum Guide to Facility Information Management

Forum Guide to Facility Information ManagementThe Forum Guide to Facility Information Management: A Resource for State and Local Education Agencies helps state and local education agencies plan, design, build, use, and improve their facility information systems. It includes a review of why school facilities data matter and recommends a five-step process that an education agency can undertake to develop a robust facility information system around goals, objectives, and indicators. The document also includes selected measures of school facilities quality and offers a logical approach to organizing facility and site data elements associated with facility identification, condition, design, utilization, management, and budget and finance. The document is intended for staff in federal, state, and local education agencies who use facility data for planning, funding, maintaining, or managing school buildings, as well as people who plan and design facility information systems.

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  • This guide updates information originally published in the 2012 Forum Guide to Facilities Information Management: A resource for State and Local Education Agencies. PDF acrobat