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PK-12 Data Model Task Force

Purpose: This task force developed the Education Data Model Version 1 (PK-12), which focuses upon teaching, learning, and the business of schools districts. The model takes into account data elements, categories of data elements, the education process, definitions and semantics, as well as relationships among data elements.

Jill Abbott, Schools Interoperability Framework Association;
Shawn Bay, eScholar;
Pam Birkeland, Helena Public Schools (MT);
Bethann Canada, Virginia Department of Education;
Laurie Collins,Schools Interoperability Framework Association;
Cory Curl, Tennessee Department of Education;
Alicia Diaz, Southern Regional Education Board;
Bertha Doar, Rockwood School District (MO);
Sonya Edwards, California Department of Education;
Patricia Eiland, Alabama Department of Education;
Larry Fruth, Schools Interoperability Framework Association;
M. Francie Gilmore-Dunn, Mississippi Department of Education;
Kathy Gosa, Kansas Department of Education;
Stephen Hockett, U.S. Department of Education;
Lee Hoffman, National Center for Education Statistics;
Alexander Jackl, ESP Solutions Group;
Steve King, ESP Solutions Group;
Don Knezek, International Society for Technology in Education;
Derrick Lindsay, Mississippi Department of Education;
Katherine Long, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development;
Blair Loudat, North Clackamas Schools (OR);
Tim Magner, US Department of Education;
E. Glenn McClain, Platte Valley School District, Weld Re-7 (CO);
Stephen Metcalf, Orange-Windsor Supervisory Union (VT);
Michael Patterson, Chicago Public Schools (IL);
Lee Rabbitt, North Kingston School Department;
Mark Reichert, Schools Interoperability Framework Association;
Linda Rocks, Bossier Parish Schools;
Robert Rodosky, Jefferson County Public Schools (KY);
Sarah Schallar Ruano, Kforce Government Solutions;
Ross Santy, US Department of Education;
Jeff Stowe, Arizona Department of Education;
Michael Strozeski, Richardson Independent School District (TX);
Charlene Swanson, New York State Education Department;
Dave Uhlig, Charlottesville City Public Schools;
Peter Waldschmidt, Tetra Data Corporation;
David Weinberger, Yonkers Public Schools (NY);
Bonnie Wilkerson, Northbrook School District 27 (IL);
Raymond Yeagley, Northwest Evaluation Association


Stats-DC 2007 Conference Presentation (4.52 MB)
This .zip file contains the PowerPoint file presented at the Stats-DC 2007 Conference. The .zip file also contains diagrams referred to in the PowerPoint. The presentation describes Version 1 of the data model content as well as tools being used to build and view the data model.

PK-12 Data Model Task Force Product Development and Dissemination Plan (146 KB)
As required to form a Forum task force.

Data Model Task Force Community Directions (184 KB)

Summary Findings of the Data Needs Survey (146 KB)
Respondents were asked to provide questions that need to be answered to inform instruction and make informed decisions in education.

Domain Data Model Framework Documents—These two documents illuminate the beginnings of a framework that will contain the PK-12 data model. The documents contain a crosswalk and discussion of the relationships among the NCES Non-Fiscal Handbooks, the Forum Indicators, EDEN, and the Schools Interoperability Framework data models. NECC Focus Group (51 KB)
Focusing on school district data needs at the NECC Convention in July 2006.

Meeting Notes: Sunday, July 23, 2006 (108 KB)

Co-Chairs: E. Glenn McClain, Platte Valley School District, Weld Re-7 (CO); and Jeff Stowe, Arizona Department of Education

NCES Staff: Kashka Kubzdela

Support: Vicente Paredes, Schools Interoperability Framework Association

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