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Figure 1.  Summary of the Forum Guide to LDS Series

Book I: What Is an LDS?

  • Understanding what an LDS is (and is not)
  • Appreciating the organizational steps needed to institute and effectively use an LDS
  • Identifying the technical features and capabilities of an effective LDS and the additional features that can enhance the system’s utility
  • Recognizing the benefits of an LDS

Book II: Planning and Developing an LDS

  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Describing the current system
  • Envisioning the desired system
  • Defining needs, including data and functionality
  • Gaining buy-in and funding
  • Building relationships
  • Writing an RFP
  • Building or buying a system or components
  • Transferring knowledge (e.g., from developers to staff)
  • Defining and measuring success
  • Refining the system

Book III: Effectively Managing LDS Data

  • Defining governance structure
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Collaborating to improve data quality and streamline operations
  • Managing changes to the system
  • Training staff to ensure data quality
  • Auditing/validating data at all levels
  • Establishing/following data standards
  • Securing data to protect privacy
  • Providing users access to key data

Book IV: Advanced LDS Usage

  • Collecting, storing, and delivering key data
  • Developing useful reports to fulfill common
    data requests and needs
  • Developing user-friendly data tools to facilitate
    access and analysis
  • Training users to utilize the technology
  • Building awareness, understanding, and analytical capacity